Paywalling my life

There are so, so many reasons why I have decided to paywall my life starting in 2019 but the major reason is because I said so.

It’s what I want.

It’s what I need.

It proves your dedication and intention to serve me on my terms.

How many different ways can I tell you that this relationship revolves around me.

Obey or don’t obey.

It is the difference between serving and not serving.

So I am officially announcing that in order to serve me, you will have to be a subscriber to my OnlyFans.

It is not that expensive and if you can’t afford it, we are not a match anyway.

Yes, this includes both online and offline service offerings.

And, no, you are not the special snowflake to which this rule does not apply.

So, go to my OnlyFans and subscribe today.

It is the very first step in proving that you want to be owned by the one and only AfroQueen.

~Snap. Snap. Boy~


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