About Me


“Elegantly narcissistic.”

You have found the website of the one and only AfroQueen.

Welcome to my Queendom, subby.

I have gone by many, many names since entering the fetish lifestyle but AfroQueen suits me best (although I still maintain the names Shaddai and LillithEve on a few sites).

If you’re not sure that it is really me, come back and contact me here.

About Me

“Sweet but will definitely put you in your place.”

I am a natural lifestyle female dominant.

(I don’t do roleplay. Don’t ask.)

This webpage is dedicated to my want to live a purely hedonistic lifestyle of real life people ownership.

I wear my hair natural and little to no makeup.

My wardrobe is usually just jeans and tshirts.

(Not fetish wear. Not lingerie. No heels.)

I am introverted and quiet but not necessarily shy and in a space where I feel comfortable, I can be quite flirty and boisterous.

I am quietly confident, I know that I am beautiful, inside and out.

And I revel in unequal relationships!

To learn what I seek in a submissive, click here for my About You page.

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