Female Led Relationship

Female Led Relationship.

That is how all of this will begin with us.

If you are looking for someone who will practice D/s or BDSM on you straight out of the gate, you have found the wrong person.

By starting with a FLR, we start of by establishing that I am the lead but we have to establish the relationship before we establish anything else.

Starting with an FLR forces you to acknowledge that  I am a human being and not the answer to your porn fueled fetish fantasies.

There are many websites that explain to you what it means to be in an FLR.

If you have a Fetlife account, there are even groups dedicated to discussing FLR.

Keep in mind that FLR’s come in many styles so if you question if that is what I want, then be sure to ask me.

The simplest way for me to describe how I view an FLR is for you think of a vanilla relationship where you just knew that the woman was in charge.

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