What kind of Domme are you?

I am a true hedonist as a Domme. Purely spoiled and selfish.

I enjoy celebrating me and I allow you to do the same. I’m not rich yet I’m still fabulous. I am a deity, a goddess with a little “g”.

Primarily, I am a lifestyle dominant and frankly, most of you online boys bore and/or repulse me. Liars, wankers, fetishists, and fanatics abound. Rare is to find the “good” boy online and that is all I want in my life and what good boys want most in life to keep me happy.

What do I get out of serving you?

My happiness, puppet. After all, this is not about you, this is about ME. The only thing you should be focusing on is how you can please me MORE. To sum it up succinctly, you sad life will now have purpose: Worshiping your AfroQueen!

Are you seeking a wife?

No in particular. It would take an extraordinary slave to inspire me to want to wife him. The next time that I get married, it will be forever.

What is the progression both in relationship and timing?

 My usual technique has been vanilla moving slowly…very slowly…towards D/s. and ultimately to O/p. However, I live no doubt who is in charge from the get-go.

You said  developing a relationship takes time.  If You are so busy, how does it develop?

 I have probably lost out on a few opportunities because life gets in the way. ~shrug~ If a slave is that impatient, he probably wasn’t the slave for me.

On a scale of 1 – 10, the slave must be content with constantly being less than a 2 until I decide that I want to keep him and then probably no higher than a 5 until my final kid leaves home. Possibly up to a 7 (family, friends, work come first) or an 8 (if financially supported by slave).

What is Your home like?  Do You wish to stay there or change to another place?  If the latter, please tell me what You like.

My current home is a 3 bedroom duplex apartment, so no room for a live-in slave. 2014, two of my children move out but I still don’t feel comfortable moving a “stranger” in around my daughter. We have never lived with another man other than their father. She graduates 2017 and then I will be completely free to be me. However, I wouldn’t mind finding a house that has a basement or garage apartment in which the slave (s) could reside and I could just refer to as “tenants”.

Is it Your preference i would work outside the home or not?

Depends. Are you independently wealthy so as not to need to work outside of the home. I would much rather you be a house slave but I can’t afford to take care of a grown man…right now. A house slave may also be given skills to earn an income from the home (ie, transcription, etc.)

Do You work?  Do You wish to work?  If You work, at what?

 Yes, unfortunately, I work. And, no, I do not wish too. Lol.

I have a multitude of jobs to pay the bills including transcription, blogging, and mTurk. (I have working OCD). I also occasionally make clips or take calls on Niteflirt.  I prefer to work from home because of the flexible schedule but these jobs do not pay overly much per hour so I put in lots and lots of hours to make ends meet. However, I am taking a course to be a Scopist and MedicoLegal Transcriptionist, both of which supposedly pay infinitely better. My ideal slave would feel itself a failure though, if I work because I have to and not because I want to.

I deeply need to serve a Goddess.  Please just tell me what that will take.

 First step is to thoroughly read this blog and learn about ME.

Second step is to decide whether or not you desire to serve ME.

And the third step is to complete the application.

What is your ASL?

I can’t believe so many of you small brains bother to ask this question. My age is none of your business but it isn’t a state secret. Feel free to waste your time doing research rather than waste my time with dumbass questions. My location is in the Virginia, USA area. And if you cannot tell my gender, you have major issues for which you need to contact the appropriate medical professional.

Do you take white boys?

Race is immaterial to me. What is important is attitude and obedience. Without either one of those being correct, we are done.

Do you do real time?

Actually, I prefer real time. I seek an obedient slave whose sole goal in life is to make my life better.  Of course, I also have fantasies of taking the money straight out of a boy’s wallet and slapping him in the face with it before daintily sliding it into mypurse. Or walking through a mall, adding items to a boy’s arms, then walking out and leaving him to figure out how to pay for it all.

Why do you charge?

Because I can? Because a black natural lifestyle dominant is in true demand. Because I am entitled and deserve it all. Because I enjoy the financial domination fetish. And, frankly, if you think in terms of “charge” then I am not the Lady for you. I take what is my due with no apologies or explanation necessary.

Because men have two sources of power–and both are located in their trousers. Take control of one or the other, and it is a power rush. Control them both and it is a power exchange.

I will note that I have a tendency to chat with just about anyone. However, the moment that I feel that both of your hands are no longer on the keyboard, your free conversation is OVER.

Do you hate men?

Nope. I love MEN. But, we both know that you are not a man. You are a  slave.

What about sex?

Whatever I say. You are, after all, only a slave. Probably none for you but oral for me though.

Can I offer service other than paying?

Yes, can you fix a car? Adapt at photography? Can you legally practice law? In other words, you will need to of some use to me. To be of use right now, go to my online slave’s blog and Click the Ads Daily. And, no, that does not qualify you for any attention but at least you will have been useful and my rising ranks will make me happy.

Have you used other names in the scene?

Yep. When I first came out, I used both Awakening or GentleMistress if the former was already taken. Then I used my real name, Queen Katrina. Now I use my spiritual name, Lillith Eve, AfroQueen.

Will you go on webcam to verify that you are really you?

Only a wanking loser would bother to even ask this question. You see all the pictures and clips in the posts. Those are all the freebies you’ll be getting.

Will I be your only slave?

Doubtful. Many of my fantasies are fueled by the thought of having a bevvy of slaves kneeling before me, obeying my every command, and anticipating my every need.

Can I see you naked?

H to the E to the double L NO!

How do I apply to serve? If you bothered to read through this entire website, then you should know. However, if you happened to miss it, the application process starts with the tab Basic Training.