About You

“Mine is not to tell you how to do what I want done. Mine is to want and say my want. Yours is to know and to do.” ~Dean Laybourne, Community


You are just a slave.

You know your place and your place is at my feet.

You are just a slave.

To be used, abused, or ignored at my whim.

You are just a slave.

Your gender does not matter.

You are just a slave.

Your race does not matter.

You are just a slave.

Your fetishes do not matter.

You are just a slave.

You are property.

You are chattel.

You are mine.

You are just a slave.

Not every submissive, or even every slave, can live up to these lofty ideals.

What type of slave am I seeking?

1. I am seeking someone that walks with integrity and honor, someone that will bring honor to me and my house in all that he/she does.

2. I am seeking someone that understands who and what he/she is and lives to serve me.

3. I am seeking someone that will give to me as much as I give to them.

4. I am seeking someone that has an open mind to my wants even if they are contradictory to their own.

5. I am seeking an eventual 24/7 Total Power Exchange Female Led Relationship where we both will live a happy life, discuss everything, but in the end it is my decision.

6.I am seeking someone that understands that living this life is vanilla most of the times with a FLR twist.

7. I am seeking someone that wants to grow and learn, someone that wants to not only grow as a submissive but as a human being and understands that even if he/she doesn’t see the entire picture… I will ensure he/she is taken care of, loved, and I will challenge him/her to grow to be more.

You live to obey.

Down to my smallest request, you live to obey.

In fact, it is your greatest pleasure in life to anticipate my wants, needs, and whims.

Serving is your middle name.

I loathe domestic chores but I love a clean house, especially one that has been cleaned by an obedient, happily docile slave.

 You live to serve by cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, and performing other menial tasks around your house/apartment.

You love to scrub floors spotless, scrub the toilets, clean the bathrooms, wash windows, organize closets, wash, iron and fold laundry, and do errands such as grocery shopping.

You are task focused and clean my place to professional standards.

You are skilled in household repairs or willing to learn.

You can also prepare meals, bake, have meals cooked and served with wine or drinks for guests at parties.

You give wonderful massages feel vary good and relaxing as it is something I enjoy doing exclusively from domestic chores. Pedicure skills are improving 😛

In fact, your standards are high on how you do everything in life because everything you do is a reflection on me.

You expect nothing in return.

Expecting nothing in return for your service obviously that’s what makes it even more exciting, as making a womens life a little less hectic and working as a house slave is exciting and enjoyable enough.

This makes you the mythical “unicorn” of the D/s world as most slaves seem to tit-for-tat relationship.

But not you.

You are a firm believer in compersion and my happiness in life is all the reward that you will ever need.

If you understand that you are just a slave, click here to learn the positions that are currently available.