Formal Protocol

I love, Love, LOVE formal protocol.

I swoon when watching shows like Reign, The Tudors, or GoT where the are formal and proper and know their place.

I even like when they “kneel to Zod” on Smallville. Lol.

I think it would be super sexy (although not required) to be served by a white gloved, black suited butler.

Heck, even a nice suit may suffice!

Female Led Relationship

Female Led Relationship.

That is how all of this will begin with us.

If you are looking for someone who will practice D/s or BDSM on you straight out of the gate, you have found the wrong person.

By starting with a FLR, we start of by establishing that I am the lead but we have to establish the relationship before we establish anything else.

Starting with an FLR forces you to acknowledge that  I am a human being and not the answer to your porn fueled fetish fantasies.

There are many websites that explain to you what it means to be in an FLR.

If you have a Fetlife account, there are even groups dedicated to discussing FLR.

Keep in mind that FLR’s come in many styles so if you question if that is what I want, then be sure to ask me.

The simplest way for me to describe how I view an FLR is for you think of a vanilla relationship where you just knew that the woman was in charge.

Black Supremacy

Black Supremacy is one of those fetishes that pop up frequently.

I never knew there was so many small dicked white boys in the world. Lol.

What is interesting is their fascination with bbc.

Seriously, they contact a Black Queen to tell them all about how they love the BBC.

Um, so, what am I, chop liver.

Background to your BBC fantasy?

Anywho, I digress.

My opinion on black supremacy is that I don’t believe in it.

I know too many black people who are definitely not superior to anyone.

The only supremacy that I remotely care about is MY OWN.

It just so happens that I happen to be a Black Female.

Being a Black Female is not how I define my domination style.

There are many, many a black female that engages in the black supremacy lifestyle.

Alas, I am not one of them.


You must be either local to me or have the ability to relocate.

I am in the 757 Virginia area but I plan to move some day soon.

Or, at the very least, find a place to run before the snow hits every winter.

(I hate snow. A tidbit that you learned about me. You’re welcome. Lol.)

For some reason, a lot of boys have started contacting me from Pennsylvania and they are unable to relocate.

No thanks!

Way to cold for me.


Sorry, not sorry, but I am not particularly interested in sissification, especially boys who find it humiliating to be turned into a woman.

I get a lot of messages for this and it is actually a real turn-off for me.

Financial Domination

Financial domination appears to be a stumbling block for many boys who approach me to seek ownership.

So, I thought that I would give you my thoughts on the subject.

For me, adding financial domination to my female domination is like adding strawberries to my cheesecake.

Domination without the financial aspect is just “eh”. Edible. Ok. But not what I really desire. Not something that I actually crave.

But add on those strawberries and it instantly transforms to “MMMMMmmmmmm”.

(By the way, strawberry cheesecake is my favorite dessert. Something for you to keep in mind. Lol.)

Second, financial domination for me is not about amount, it is about dedication and obedience.

Now, would I love to find myself a well off slave to own. Yes. Heck, YES!!

But, as long as you can cover the bills with a bit extra for fun then you are eligible to apply.

Sorry, not sorry, but I am not interested in boys living with their parents because they can’t survive financially on their own nor boys surviving on welfare.

I already lived the struggle life and I have zero interests in doing that again.

Also, if you are not local to me or able to relocate to me, then your only use to me is to provide for me financially.

You can’t clean my house.

You can’t cook me dinner.

And I have zero interest in watching you flounce around on webcam with zero actual benefit to me.

There may be women out there willing to do that with you but, trust and believe, I am NOT the one.

Coming Soon

Finally got access back on this website but completely destroyed it in the process.

Now, I have to redo the entire thing. ~sigh~

Stay tuned.

It’s certainly not as pretty yet as the one that I worked on for years but I am rewriting the posts before working on the design as I feel that getting the information about serving me to you is more important than having the site look all pretty.

Meanwhile, follow me on Twitter as MsAfroQueen

Meanwhile, I am putting up a few quickie posts so that you can get to know me better as a female dominant.